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Artists & Illustrators

Find our more about the creatives behind our collections

We are proud to be publishing a growing number of designs from both emerging and established illustrators, printmakers and designers within our collections,

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Vicki Johnson

Vicki Johnson is an illustrator with a background in printmaking and surface pattern design. Vicki makes colourful work with a nostalgic feel inspired by flora, fauna, folk art and the everyday.



Roisin O'Donnell

Roisin O'Donnell creates her work under the alias Steven Fritters. With an eccentric flair and a love of colour she creates illustrations featuring playful characters and motifs.



Lauren Morsley

Lauren Morsley is an Illustrator and Printmaker from Scotland. She specialises in bold and colourful designs which create other worlds to explore. Her work is often inspired by intriguing stories, places, and people.



Toby Rampton

Toby Rampton is a freelance illustrator and screen printer based in Norwich. He creates colourful, graphic illustrations and believes in drawing simple things that make people smile. 


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Vonik Design

Esther is a Dutch illustrator working under the name Vonik Design. Her illustrations come in the form of lino prints, ceramics, woodcuts, riso prints & murals. Strong lines, fun characters, outspoken colours, all there to make you smile for a minute.


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Kate Aspen

Kate Aspen is an Artist and Illustrator based in Norwich, with a fondness for the macabre, she creates colourful and cosy illustrations celebrating the multifaceted beauty of the weird and wonderful world we live in.



James Treadaway

A sucker for nostalgia, James leans hard on the 80’s and 90’s for inspiration for his fun, bright & texture heavy screenprints. Based in sunny Suffolk, James prints and runs workshops with his partner in a studio they built together. @jamestreadsonstuff


Laurel Pettitt

Laurel Pettitt is an illustrator based in Norwich. Her images are playful and warm, with a sense of familiarity. She makes riso and screen prints as well as comics to capture moments that resonate with others. @laurelpettitt_


Laura Winstone

Laura Winstone is an award winning artist and illustrator based in Norwich. She uses paper collage to create bold, fun and colourful illustrations for editorial work, children’s books and specialised products.


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